Emergency Food Assistance

New Hope Health Center and Fellowship Bible Church have teamed up with the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle/ King County to provide food for people who are in crisis.The Emergency Feeding Program is NOT a food bank.  These emergency food bags are provided to people in immediate hunger crisis with no food available to them from other sources.Each bag contains high quality, nutritious food, and should provide sustenance for 1-2 days. Distribution of these emergency food bags takes place during clinic hours on Saturdays, between 8:30am and 11a.m.

Asistencia Alimentaría de Urgencia

New Hope Health Center y Fellowship Bible Church se han unidos con The Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle/King County a proveer alimentos a gente en crisis.The Emergency Feeding Program no es un banco de alimentos.  Estas bolsas de alimentos de emergencia están provisto a gente que no tiene comida de otros lugares. Cada bolsa contiene comida nutritiva y de alta cualidad, y debe proveer sustento por 1-2 días. La distribución de estas bolsas de alimentos de emergencia ocurrirá durante las horas clínica, los Sábados entre las 8:30 AM y las 11 AM.